There are many methods for solving systems of linear equations. Let’s briefly explain some of them with their pros and cons, and define a method choosing algorithm.

This article will not dive into methods’ details or coding examples, since there already are lots of sources covering theoretical and practical aspects.

Today’s libraries do complicated things while providing easy interfaces. We’ll look into crypto version of this nice fashion, and see how serious crypto can be accomplished easily. Thanks to .Net (Core), all these processes will be inter-operable and cross-platform 😎

AES, being short for Advanced Encryption Standard, is actually a…

With todays crypto techniques and open libraries, encryption is quite accessible. But I wanted to speak of a simple crypto method, for those who don’t want to store stuff in plain text and want an easy implementation.

Please be warned, this method should not be used for anything more important…

Whether you are building apps for just macOS or for cross-platform, if your app is using OpenSSL for crypto-works, you will have to install OpenSSL library since macOS ships with LibreSSL. Furthermore, cross-platform cryptography in .Net Core and .Net 5 .

Installing OpenSSL library on macOS seems…

Cross-platform development is great, so is .Net Core. But, as of the time of this writing, .Net Core doesn’t provide a cross-platform windowed GUI. Let’s try to build a desktop app with a cross-platform GUI.

So, what options do we have?

Yaşar Yücel Yeşilbağ

I’m a mechanical engineer and a software developer.

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